Pirelli predict two-stop race

Pirelli predict two-stop race


Pirelli’s Paul Hembery has predicted that tomorrow’s German Grand Prix will be a two-stop strategy, with more of an emphasis on the medium compound tyre.Soft and medium dry tyres as well as wet tyres being laid out

Looking ahead to the race, Hembery said in a statement from the Italian firm: “We’re expecting most people to stop twice, with the emphasis on the medium tyre during the race: and that will be at the heart of the race strategy that the teams plan tonight. Track temperatures were high today during qualifying, with comparatively little grip, which gave the drivers a delicate job to get the most out of the tyres and ensured that the timing of each qualifying lap was extremely important. Tomorrow the drivers have plenty of opportunity to make up places through a good strategy, even if they are not as far up the grid.”

They are expecting a wide range of strategies and predict a good race: “Wear, degradation and performance are in line with our expectations and with dry weather expected again tomorrow, plus a wide variety of strategies at work, we should see a good race.”

He added that there is over a second between the two compounds: “There was a difference of over a second between the medium and soft compounds, which obviously had an effect on the chosen strategy for qualifying, as it will do during the race tomorrow. The soft tyre was definitely the tyre to qualify on but those who start the race on the medium tyre might be able to gain track position when the soft tyre runners come in for their first stop earlier than them.”

Pirelli revealed predictions for two quickest strategies depending on the start tyre: “The quickest strategy for tomorrow’s 60-lap race is set to be a two-stopper. Start on the soft tyre, change to the medium on lap five or six, and then to the medium again on lap 32 or 33.

“Alternatively, for those starting on the medium, it could go as follows: Start on the medium and then change to the medium again on lap 27. Change for a mandatory final stop for the soft tyres on lap 54.”

Both Ferrari drivers surprisingly qualified on the medium compound tyre whilst the top five all set their times on the soft rubber. After the drama’s of Silverstone, the German Grand Prix Friday and Saturday has been incident free as expected by both drivers and Pirelli themselves.

Image courtesy of Pirelli Media