Pic admits progress being made at Caterham

Pic admits progress being made at Caterham


Charles Pic has shared his confidence and optimism for the German Grand Prix weekend after a “solid” Friday where the team continued to make progress.0741LW1D4709

He finished 18th in FP1 and 19th in FP2 and completed 61 laps altogether. Speaking in a team statement, Pic shared his thoughts on his Friday running: “I said before we arrived here that this is my favourite track and I’m pleased we’ve had a good Friday here, a solid day where we’ve clearly made a bit of progress. We started FP1 with more aero work, running a couple of laps with flow-viz to continue the evaluation of the updates we brought to Silverstone and here where we have some more refinements to the brake ducts.

“Over lunch we made a couple of changes to ride height and the rear anti-roll bar and at the start of FP2 we went straight into a six lap first run and immediately found we had a better aero balance. That carried on to the performance run on the options and by then I was pretty happy with the way the car was performing. It was the same on the long runs. The pace was consistent on the options and good on the primes with pretty low deg on both and when the session finished I think everyone was quite happy with the work we did today.” He added that the team “definitely needed” a good Friday and that he hopes to carry the momentum forward into qualifying and the race.

Team-mate Giedo van der Garde shared that optimism and felt it had been a good day at the office: “Overall it’s been a good day for us, starting with FP1 which was a good session. We ran a couple more aero programmes at the start and a number of new ideas across the car, including the brakes where we’ve gone for a new setup that looks like it’s working well as I was almost immediately able to brake later and harder.

“FP2 we started with a different floor, so we could run more comparison tests with the new version we had at Silverstone. The car still had a bit too much understeer but we made a couple of mechanical changes and by the time we tried the options for the first time the car was getting better and better. On the long run we had reasonable deg levels and by the end of the session I have to say I was pretty happy with where we were.” The Dutch driver also felt that they made good steps forward on the likes of Williams and Toro Rosso up ahead.

Image courtesy of Octane Photographic