Jean Todt calls emergency meeting with teams and Pirelli on Wednesday

Jean Todt calls emergency meeting with teams and Pirelli on Wednesday

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The President of the FIA, Jean Todt, has called an emergency meeting with the Sporting Working Group and Pirelli on Wednesday, in a bid to avoid a repeat of the controversy witnessed during the 52-lap British Grand Prix. During the race numerous drivers suffered tyre failures, including race leader Lewis Hamilton.

Throughout the 2013 season, tyres have become a controversial subject within the Formula 1 paddock, with Pirelli’s new range of P Zero tyres creating widespread uproar between team personnel and drivers alike. During the British Grand Prix around Silverstone’s legendary circuit, the race was largely altered by several tyre failures which wreaked havoc with the outcome of the race. Whilst in the lead, local hero Lewis Hamilton suffered a left-rear tyre failure down the Wellington Straight. Several laps later Felipe Massa suffered an almost identical issue at Turn 5, before Jean-Eric Vergne was struck with a heart-stopping tyre failure at top speed down the Hangar Straight.

Miraculously each driver managed to maintain control of their cars, as they each limped back to the pits to receive a fresh set of tyres and allow their teams’ to asses the damage. During the closing stages of the race, Sergio Perez was also struck with a tyre failure down the Hangar Straight, with Fernando Alonso only just avoiding a face-full of Pirelli debris. The FIA will unquestionably be eager to understand the issues caused during the race, with driver safety paramount in Formula 1.

These almost identical issues come after the eleven teams failed to come to an agreement with regards to several alterations planned by Pirelli on the tyres in question, following similar failures earlier in the season where the tyre has simply shredded itself with hardly any notice. After unquestionably injecting excitement back into Formula 1 last season with their highly unpredictable tyres, Pirelli’s 2013 range has created a monumental stir in the world of motorsport, which seems to have finally reached breaking point at Silverstone.

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