The British Grand Prix Poem

The British Grand Prix Poem



Close your eyes, hear that steady beat?
That’s the sound of your heart as you approach your seat

Close your eyes, can you feel the air?
It’s F1 electric and too much for some to bare

Close your eyes, can you hear the air gun
The tyres are on, ready for a first run

Close your eyes, you can hear the car start
Feel the chill down your spine as your nerves tear apart

Close your eyes, approaching down the straight
Your heart skips a beat…then beats double in rate

Close your eyes, feel the vibrations
Through your seat, up your legs, spawning naughty sensations

Close your eyes, smell the exhaust
That’s rubber and clutch as all lines get crossed

Now open your eyes, don’t miss this sight
It’s heaven on wheels in a furious fight

See that beast twitch, violently changing direction
Defying laws of physics, fighting full disconnection

Feel the thrust of its force as it straightens out
Under full throttle as its tail dances about

Watch it mysteriously vanish, into a dot in the distance
From a roar to a scream, to the sound of subsistence

Close your eyes, you can’t see it
Only smell it and hear it and sense its raw spirit

That’s Formula One at the British GP
Silverstone is its home, this Sunday…where will you be?


Image courtesy of Octane Photographic.