Button trusts Whitmarsh’s leadership

Button trusts Whitmarsh’s leadership


Amid the currently slump in form for McLaren, Jenson Button has insisted that he still has complete trust in Team Principal Martin Whitmarsh’s leadership and that the team continue to be united.Jenson Button in action

The eight-time constructors champions prepare to head to their home race at the Silverstone circuit just sixth in the standings after a torrid start to the year. The Woking based squad have yet to score a result better than fifth and head to the British Grand Prix with plenty of work to do.

Whitmarsh has continued to face criticism but when asked by Sky Sports News at Silverstone whether he felt the team were still united behind Whitmarsh, Button responded by saying: “As far as I know everyone’s united, yes.

“Martin’s is a really good leader and he’s a proper human being as well. He’s a guy that you can trust, you can believe in. I feel that everyone at the factory, all the people I speak to when I’m there feel exactly the same.

“It’s so difficult for a Team Principal when a team that normally wins grands prix suddenly isn’t winning grands prix, but I think he is the best leader to bring us through this difficult time.”

He admits that fighting for a debut home win – after 14 attempts – will be tough but he is optimistic that the team can improve their form:

“Hopefully, we can see improvements,” he said. “The last race for us was a very, very difficult weekend but, yes, I feel there are some improvements in the pipeline and we can see ourselves fighting for a better result.

“Fighting for a win is going to be very difficult for here, and I know that’s what the British fans want, but I don’t think we’re going to be able to give them that. But we’re going to do the best job we can and fight for as many points as we can, so you never know what the end result can be.”

He added that the Northamptonshire track should suit his car more: “This circuit is a very different circuit to the last race. It’s a lot smoother, it’s a lot faster, it’s a lot more flowing and it does suit our car a lot more,” the 2009 World Champion added.

“We don’t know what the weather’s going to do, I hope it’s going to be dry for the fans and for us after looking at our experiences of Canada.”

Image courtesy of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes