Silverstone confirms two DRS zones

Silverstone confirms two DRS zones


The Silverstone circuit has confirmed that there will be two DRS zones for the British Grand Prix that takes place at the end of this month.Silverstone-clouds_2791820

In the previous two years since DRS was introduced, the circuit has only had one zone positioned on the Wellington Straight.

However 2013 will see an additional zone added, the news being confirmed by the track on their Twitter account, saying: “News just in! We will have 2 DRS zones for the British GP this year: Wellington Straight and Hangar Straight!”

In other British Grand Prix news, Pirelli’s tweaked rear tyre compounds will not make their race debut at the eighth round of the season.

This is due to the limited testing mileage gained by the teams in Canada when rain disrupted Friday practice. The new rear tyres include a Kevlar belt in comparison to the steel one used on the current tyres. The FIA limited Pirelli to changing the tyres strictly for safety reasons after a number of delaminations in Bahrain and Spain. However the tyres may change performance slightly for some teams due to their lower operating temperature.

Pirelli’s Motorsport Director Paul Hembery confirmed the news to AUTOSPORT, saying “We are not going to race with the new tyre as we did not get much of a chance to test it here [in Canada], we have some internal specification changes – process changes – that we think will go the full way to curing the delamination issue that we have seen.

“That is good from many points of view, as it means teams will be working with the same tyre they started the year with. But it is probably not good for some teams that are struggling with the front tyre.”

Image courtesy of Sky Sports F1