Hembery admits Canada “a slight step into the unknown”

Hembery admits Canada “a slight step into the unknown”


With rain showers interrupting practice for the Canadian Grand Prix, Pirelli’s Motorsport Director Paul Hembery has admitted that the dry race was “a slight step into the unknown.”Sat_Can_Supersofts_329

Track temperatures were significantly higher on Sunday in contrast to the previous two days of running and drivers had only small chances to get some dry running in during practice.

Hembery also admitted that Canada is one of the most challenging circuits on the calendar, saying: “Canada is one of the most challenging circuits for the rear tyres due to high traction demands– particularly after it has rained previously in the weekend, because the moisture has the effect of washing away all the rubber that has been laid down before, which decreases grip levels further.”

Despite the demands of the track, he was happy with how the Pirelli tyres performed: “Despite that, wear and degradation was under control for all the frontrunners and there was little of the graining that is a common feature of this race as well.”

He also pointed out Mercedes continue to struggle with tyre wear with Nico Rosberg’s three-stop strategy proving it: “Mercedes still seems to be suffering from high levels of degradation with Nico Rosberg being the only driver in the top 10 having to use a three-stop strategy.”

He also praised Paul Di Resta for his brilliant one-stop strategy despite two stops being predicted as the fastest route: “While two stops was clearly the way to go, Paul Di Resta drove an excellent race to show what was possible with a one-stopper, completing 56 laps on his first set of medium tyres.”

Pirelli’s two-stop prediction proved to be correct for the front-runners with Vettel getting closest to their optimum strategy.

Image courtesy of Pirelli Media