Giedo van der Garde apologizes for Mark Webber incident

Giedo van der Garde apologizes for Mark Webber incident

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Giedo van der Garde has apologized to Mark Webber following the duo’s altercation on Lap 37, which resulted in the Dutchman being struck with a stop/go penalty by the race stewards. Despite initially providing Mark Webber with enough room for the Australian to lap him, van der Garde then cut right across the front of Webber’s Red Bull.

The resulting incident saw Mark Webber suffer minor front-wing damage, however the Australian’s overall pace was not largely effected. Giedo van der Garde was tipped into a spin following the incident, and was naturally deemed to be in the wrong with regards to the incident. Although the Formula 1 rookie was issued with a hefty penalty, he soon collided with another driver in the form of Nico Hulkenberg. This time the Dutchman’s front-wing suffered severe damage, and forced him into retirement. After a race to forget for Giedo van der Garde, he aims to move on next time out at Silverstone.

“Today wasn’t a good day for me.” Admitted Giedo van der Garde, “I want to say sorry to Mark [Webber] for the incident we had and I’ll make sure I learn from the stewards’ decision on the five-place penalty for the next race. Sometimes you make mistakes, but the important thing is to accept them, learn from them and move on. The temperatures went straight up after the penalty and I had to come back in almost immediately so we could check the car and they found a visor tear-off in one of the radiators which had been causing problems for most of the race. Shortly after that I was heading towards the hairpin with Hulkenberg alongside. I moved over for him but he turned in in front of me in the braking zone and we made contact and that was the end of my race.”

With Giedo van der Garde set to incur a five-place grid penalty for the British Grand Prix next time out at Silverstone, the 28-year-old will likely start the race from 22nd and last on the grid. Despite a highly uncompetitive performance around Montreal’s Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, his retirement was only his second so far this season, as Caterham continues to hunt down Marussia in the grueling battle for 10th in the Constructors’ Championship.

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