Mercedes to face FIA tribunal before Silverstone

Mercedes to face FIA tribunal before Silverstone


0579CB1D4360Mercedes’ date with the FIA tribunal may come in the three week break before the British Grand Prix, according to reports.

German publication Auto Moto und Sport has reported that there has been pressure from other teams to ‘accelerate’ the process and have the case assessed as soon as possible. As a result, the tribunal may be held in Paris ahead of F1’s visit to the UK.

Richland F1 had predicted that the hearing would take place between the German and Hungarian Grands Prix, remaining within the 45 day window in which the case must be heard. However, the pressure appears to have tolled on the officials who will now consider Mercedes’ case in the next three weeks.

Last night, Sebastian Vettel spoke out about the affair, claiming that Mercedes must have gained some advantage, with the test aiding the development of their W04 car. ‘Tyregate’ has ensued after it was revealed that Mercedes completed around 1000km of running using their 2013 car on Pirelli tyres, which, with in-season testing banned, could breach the regulations.

Ferrari also completed running in Barcelona, but as they used their 2011 car, they remained within the regulations.

Image courtesy of Octane Photographic.